Ligatures for Joined Writing

Hi All,
I am creating a joined writing font. I am creating standard ligatures for example
ab so that a and b are joined. I also created a ligature of ba.
Yet if I type for instance: aba they don’t join automatically as determined by the standard ligature.

I don’t want to create a ligature of aba to do this as this would mean I have to create every word in the dictionary joined. Does anyone know how to solve this problem please.

Thank you

Hi, if you really want to connect all letters together, how about drawing the connections right into the letters’ design?

Here are a few tutorials that could be helpful:

The problem is, my font contains a low, mid and high joinings for letters, I have a leading head and a tail

Got, we don’t have much experience ourselves on creating such fonts but that’s definitely a challenge we would love to digg. Could you share some screenshots of the different variants?