Loading indicator keeps spinning, won't recognize art

The loading indicator keeps spinning and never initiates. I’ve tried multiple times with multiple font styles. I found a free font creator called Font Forge and that software works perfectly.

I would still like to use Fontself since I paid for it so any help would be great.

Adobe Illustrator 2023 V 27.2
Windows 11 Pro
Microsoft Surface Book 2

Chiming in on this one

On Illustrator 27.3.1
Windows 11 - 22621.1413
Fontself version 3.5.8 (55c89)

Loading indicator (Greyed out background in entire panel, spinning loading circle) stuck on loading forever. Only active part of Fontself from there is hamburger menu, where pressing reload application breaks the loading but deletes unsaved data, and pressing check for updates breaks loading error, and keeps all unsaved data.

Have tried with lineart, expanded shapes (several grouped) and expanded shapes joined with pathfinder, expanded shapes in isolation mode, compound shapes… Everything seems to break it?
Sometimes selecting the shape with A works, sometimes selecting with V tool works, but nothing consistent yet.

When it does work, it works just fine, but this is frustrating to work with as it is now.

Have tried different solutions from different threads in this forum, and ended up reinstalling, only to have the same error.

Hope it gets fixed soon.

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I’m just using Font Forge. Doesn’t seem like the developers / creators don’t care much about communicating with the people who have given them money for a product that doesn’t work.

Hi, if the extension loads but no shape can be imported, it’s probably due to a third-party tool like a firewall which may block access to the clipboard. This is usually fixable by whitelisting it in your firewall app, and then restarting Illustrator, as detailed here: http://help.fontself.com/en/articles/885174-import-pauses-freezes-or-keeps-spinning