Long Loading time for importing shapes into fontself

I attempted to import shapes into the fontself extension on illustrator 2021 (latest version at the time of posting)
The issue is the long loading time or the lack of loading at all.
A few weeks back, ALSO with illustrator 2021, I can load shapes 1 at a time. But now I cannot import anything in a timely manner, or at all.

I have optimized my shapes to the minimum amount of lines and points.

For the solutions I have tried and failed:

  • Check for updates, both illustrator and fontself is at the latest version
  • Reload extension, reload illustrator, restart computer
  • Clear system memory
  • Scaling the size down, or up, to no avail.
  • Reinstalling fontself

What can I do in this situation? I will try to reinstall illustrator after this post, and re-installing the extension as well.

Hello cj_gfx,
Welcome to the forum.

It’s hard to say anything about your problem. Please tell us if you are a Mac or Windows user.

I also can’t estimate what the character looks like that you want to put into Fontself. So my request, take screenshots or provide the character as an .ai file if you can.

For testing, just draw a black square and drag it into Fontself. If that works, the system (AI + FS) is already in order.

Greetings Jens.

Sometimes Illustrator 2021 has some weird issues so using the 2020 version works better. For example, I had a file with quite a few layers but it was lagging like crazy in the 2021 to the point that I could not do anything and Illustrator hangs, but when I opened the file in my 2020 version,I could edit the layers etc without any hangups.

Hello Archnila,
welcome to this forum.

Please send the AI-File with information about your computer (OS, RAM, Graphiccard) to Fontself (Franz), so he can check it out.

Best regards, Jens.

I think it’s on Adobe side actually. I ended up creating a new font as I did not like the one I was working on. It works fine now.