Looking for a list for the reserved words of the styles of fonts

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I am looking for a list for the reserved words of the styles of fonts like Regular, Bold, Medium, Light, Oblique, Italic and so on. Haven’t found anything useful with the help of Google. :frowning:

Background: In LibreOffe 7.3 only fonts are accepted automatically if the style name belongs to the reserved words. Styles like “Oblique 40”, “Oblique 70” for Regular-Oblique and Bold-Oblique respectively are not automatically accepted when switching from a Mac to a PC (Windows 10). Then the name of the font appears in italics and has to be assigned correctly manually in the paragraph or character formats; this is annoying and error-prone.

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I’m not sure if these will help but they are options I can select to set a font to be in FontLab 7…

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thanks for the screenshot.

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Update: I have found a list for macOS, thanks to a modified search query on Google:

OpenOffice 4 and LibreOffice 7 only accept Regular, Bold, Italic and BoldItalic as font styles.
If the style of a font has a name like Oblique or Medium, then …

  • … it was no longer possible to switch a document between macOS and Windows without manually adjusting the font name in paragraph and character formats.
  • … In LibreOffice 7 under macOS 10.15.7, styles such as Oblique or Medium of a font cannot be called up at all.
    This also applies to MS WORD. Other writing applications like Apple Text or Apple Pages accept any kind of names for styles.

Those who use ready-made fonts and value a simple, smooth exchange of documents between macOS and Windows are limited to the Regular, Bold, Italic and BoldItalic styles.
If you create your own fonts, you should only use the style names Regular, Bold, Italic and BoldItalic. The description such as Oblique or Medium must be part of the font name, as “TimeSaver One Medium”.