Looking for someone skilled at fontself ( kerning ect ) to work for me

Hi Everyone.
I am after someone who is good at fontself to help me kern/do all the boring bits of the font creating.
My company is super busy at the moment so i am looking to outsource some of the less fun aspects of my day. I would pay per Alphabet via paypal or payoneer. Let me know if your interested and we can talk $$$.

Hi Tom,

spacing and kerning are very time-consuming.
I can hardly imagine you to earn enough with your fonts to pay a fair fee.

Prove me wrong :wink:

If you like to make a serious offer to me, your e-mail will be welcome!
You’ll find my e-mail address at my HP: www.ph-layout.de

Yes, I’m working a lot with fontself and I’d think to be quite good at it.


Hi Tom,

Not sure if you already found someone to do this for you?

I contacted you a while ago about making fonts (via email) and I have now used fontself HEAPS!! I still don’t have my fonts for sale, I’m waiting until I add language support and extended glyphs to a few of the fonts I made, so that I can finalise them all.

If you’re still looking for someone please let me know. My email is hello@plushdesignstudio.com.au

Thanks Tom!
Jess :slight_smile: