Lowercase numbers

Hi, there’s a way to set lowercase numbers? How can i do that?

Hello Dario, welcome to this forum.

You can name any letter in two ways:

  1. name the group of a letter in Illustrator with one char like ‘a’, ‘b’, …, ‘z’, ‘A’, ‘B’, and so one, than Fontself will name the letter.
  2. if there was no name of one char, than you can name the letter in Fontself.
    See the green circles in the screenshot

I prefer the first way, because it is eaysier and faster.

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Hi, thanks for the answer! especially for the first way 'cause i learn it now and it’s very usefull!
But i still have problems with lowercase number, cause they will be considered standard number (uppercase one)

lowercase numbers? I didn’t know this therm.
I found this in the web: " Are there lowercase numbers?
Standard numerals are the size of capital, or uppercase , letters. Their best uses are for standalone numbers like your house number , or, because they have a single set width, for columns of tabular material. … Old-style numerals are the equivalent of lowercase letters — small x-height, plus ascenders and descenders."

You have to make the number like 1 only so high as the letter x. And you need to use the guidelines baseline, ascender and descender. Also use the 70 % dummy to get the right font size.
See https://help.fontself.com/en/articles/900365-set-font-metrics-with-illustrator-guides

Here my small explanation how to create lower numbers and how to use them as alternate chars:

Hi urs7000, this is perfect! thank you so much!

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Thanks @urs7000 for the details :slight_smile:

@dario_ita You could also create specific characters for superscript & subscript numbers, like for H₂O or 12m³ - you would just need to name them using the actual characters: ⁰ⁱ⁴⁵⁶⁷⁸⁹ ₀₁₂₃₄₅₆₇₈₉

Hi franz
I know, I can use super- and subscript in Indesign or Word.
But how can I name lower or higher number for this in Fontself?
Grettings, Jens.

You can just copy/paste the actual character to name it properly. So instead of typing like ´0´ you copy this superscript character from the list above: ´⁰´

Thanks, I got it. It is necessary to use the superscript glyphs from DejaVu Sans as names for the superscript numbers.

Yes, alternates are usually reserved for stylistic choices and using the exact Unicode/character ensures that the underlying text is correct.

Both superscript & subscript characters have different Unicode values than the regular numbers.

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