Max points per character

What’s the current maximum points per character?

Fontself will warn you if a glyph contains over 1000 points, and unless this happens only for a few glyphs, it is recommended to simplify such objects first. Have a look here:

ah yes. thank you.

do you know if there are any plans @Joel to increase this capacity?

This is not something we will change, as consequences can be dramatic… And FYI Joël is not anymore at Fontself as he went on other adventures.

ok cool good to know. thank you @franz

FYI I just completed a textured style on a font family I’m working on and out of 125 (approx) characters maybe a third of them had warnings. as a result the fontself software was glitching a little bit, but I was still able to export/install the font and it seems to be working well in illustrator/photoshop.