Munika: my biggest sans serif family

Hi all! :slight_smile:

After more than one year of work I finally released Munika.

You can find the full presentation on Behance.

This is a massive project and has been a rollercoaster between fun parts (the creative ones) and more boring (technical).
It’s my first typeface that supports Central/Eastern European languages, and it also has 18 styles, ligatures and alternates.

My goal was to design a complete and reliable type system, that could fit in various situations and in many countries.

You can find it on MyFonts.

I would be infinitely grateful, in case you like it, if you could give it an appreciation on Behance. Hopefully it could gain some traction and be featured by the Behance Team.

That would help me a lot to grow my type foundry :slight_smile:

Thanks Fontself, thanks everybody!


Wow! Great job! I love the dynamics of this typeface.

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