My first (final, hahaha) typo created with Fontself


My first try to make a typo, it was very funny to work with.

Inspired by the typography of the street, the Mosquito synthesizes in the name and incorporates the pixação cause, the pixo as well as the insect, sometimes is perceptible, however, present everywhere and inevitable.

I’ll thinking about extend the family, weights, aaaand all about.
Reviews, feedbacks and comments are welcome. Tks family.


​Hey, this looks very cool! If you have more insights about the project and your process, very curious to hear more about it.

Would also be great to see more samples with larger quantity of text, or even an interactive preview (you can do it easily with Catapult :wink: ).

Oh, and since it’s a free font, you could even share it to anyone (check the new Publish button in Catapult).