My first try, a stencil font, file not working on PCs


I’ve been told that my first Fontself font is not working (I confirmed on my PC, this is the case) on colleagues’ machines. I built it on my Mac in PS, and it loaded into Font Book (and I can use it in various applications there, but after loading onto my PC it is listed but the font is not there (no type).

Any help will be greatly appreciated.


I have to provide a link to it on my drive since as a new member I am unable to upload a file, sorry. I’ve written to Fontself support but have not heard back.


The font you supplied is a TTF font, but fontself only exports OTF from what I understand and per their FAQ suggestion would need to be converted via 3rd party like Have you tried the native OTF file? Is there a specific reason you need a TTF? The file shared via drive does appear blank, but if it were infact converted in some way it most likely happened there.


No idea how the font file ended up with the TTF extension, but it is indeed a Fontself-generated bitmap OpenType-SVG font, which are not well supported on Windows. It will show up as blank on the system but it will be displayed ok in Photoshop CC 2017 or Illustrator CC 2018.

If you want to use it on older systems, you should make a vector font - starting from scratch - as detailed here:


I’m pretty lame on Illustrator. Is there a way to export my design from Photoshop into Illustrator without reinventing/designing it in AI?

Thanks for enlightening me on the limits for the bitmap format. BTW,