Myfonts Font Validator

When I send my font to the Myfonts, Font Validator offers to correct me the following errors:

  1. To ensure proper functionality for customers, the paths that make up your glyphs should not intersect themselves

  2. To ensure proper functionality for customers, the paths in your glyphs must have correct winding directions. Wrong path directions can mess up counters. Paths need to be oriented counter-clockwise, counters need to be oriented clockwise.

  3. We’ve tested your fonts to ensure that when used on Windows, the ascenders and descenders will not appear clipped or cut off. It is good practice to ensure that your vertical metrics also accommodate your diacritics.

What kind of mistakes is and is it possible to quickly correct from them?

Hello Artyway,

  1. I use the functions “boole” and “simplify” to keep the paths as simple as possible. For this I have written my own little javascript, maybe an action will do, so that you don’t have to call up the same menu commands over and over again.

  2. The illustrator can reverse the direction of paths. The direction can only be shown by a trick: With an arrowhead on the stroke.

    It is best to compare your letters with the letters of another commercial font.

  3. Self-testing in Window is always a good idea. Otherwise, you should stay in the guides:

For more help I would need screenshots or some letters as AI-file.

Good luck,

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Thanks for your reply. I corrected problems using the Fontlab, saved the font file, but now I can not open it in the Fontself Maker. Perhaps you know how to do it?

there no way to open a font in fontself that was saved by other font apps.

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