New book about Font Self Maker (in German)

I would like to present my new book here. The eBook is already available (until 20.08.2020 for € 4,99, then € 9,99). The paperback will be published soon.

FONT-DESIGN, Volume 1: Symbol Fonts shows you in a compact way with complete step-by-step instructions in 8 projects how to easily create your own symbol fonts with Adobe Illustrator CC 2015.3 - 2020 and the extension Fontself Maker 3 in macOS or Windows 10. All in full color.
• You will learn the basics of font development by creating a character set from symbols.
• You will turn a monochrome font into a colored font.
• Conversely, you will learn two ways to reduce a colored font to one color.
• You will create a monochrome font based on grid points
• … and use it as a colored font for image personalization.
• With this you will get to know many procedures in Illustrator.
• Including freePDF book, project files and video clips.

How big is the interest in an English version as an eBook?

More Information in German: FD1-R1_Buch-Flyer.pdf (1.2 MB)

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I would be interested in an English version.

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