New Font: EP Stellari Display

Hello everyone, I’m so happy. Thanks to Fontself, finally I made my first font named: EP Stellari.

  • It’s a display font, I believe it looks a bit futuristic.
  • ALL CAPS (no lowercases).
  • 291 total glyphs.
  • 38 pairs/group of ligatures.

Download it here:

It’s FREE ($0)
You can use it for personal or commercial projects.
But do not redistribute the font.

I hope you like it. I’d love to hear from you.


Great job!

  • really interesting
  • are the letter spacing ‘kerning’ intentional where they clash?

@Strobia do you mean ligatures, like what you se on LL, THE, OO, etc? That’s intentional but not activated by default. Since they’re discretionary ligatures. You can activate the feature ‘ligatures’ on the software you use.


Ah yes – the ligatures, thanks for clarifying!
…what are your next steps for releasing this typeface? Are you creating other fonts to include and so creating a family?

Just to let you know …I’ve just purchased :wink:

Thank yooooouuuuuu for your support. Feel free to contact me if you have any other question.

*happily crying

Maybe in the future, I hope the community can create something amazing with this font.

Nice one! where do you take your inspiration from?

amazing, very well done!
i really like it.