New font is super slow when used


We made a font for our nonprofit to use in AI Fontself. I saved the font to the font book and it seems to work, but it is extremely slow when using the font. Like it takes several minutes to render, whereas other fonts are near instant. I don’t see any settings to change in fontself that would help. Any insight would be appreciated.

Thank you

Hallo CappyJax
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Do you use macOS or Windows? Is there anything special in our font?
Fontself supports 1000 anchorpoints for each letter, perhaps you use much more?

Can you show some of you letters with a screenshot?

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I am on a Mac. I don’t know what “special” would mean. It does have “rough” edges, so it probably does use more anchor points. I’ve attached a screenshot.

Thank you

Hello, I have converted your screenshot into paths and made a character set for testing purposes. With the function Simplify I could delete about 50% of the points. See screen1.png.

I then tested this font in WORD and InDesign. Everything normal fast :slight_smile:

You can find my AI-file and .otf in the ZIP-archive. I hope it helps you to find the error.

Greetings Jens. (1.9 MB)

Great, thank you! I will simplify the font characters and try it again. thanks for your help!