New font looks washed out

I made a font 3 years ago and it looked great.

Today I opened it, edited a few characters and saved it. After overwriting the old .OTF file with the new one, every character in the set looks washed out. As if a contrast slider was dialed down all the way down.

To be clear, the characters look correct in the Fontself screen in Illustrator. But when I click with the type tool in Photoshop, that’s where I see the problem.

Any idea if upgrading to the new version of Fontself caused this, or perhaps something else?

Good Morning,
can you give me some more information, please.

Is it a black or color font?
Do you use the latest version of Illustrator (25.3) and Fontself Maker (3.5.6)?
On macOS or Windows?

Perhabs you can put a screenshot in here.

Greetings, Jens.

If these are color fonts, mind that the OpenType-SVG format supports only RGB colors, while your document might be in CMYK (which will dim some colors).

Yes, this was the problem. My document is in CMYK.

When I switch to RGB, the font keeps its rich colors.

Is there a way to make my font colors not washed out while working in CMYK? The final destination is printed material for a board game.

I have made a few attempts and cannot reproduce the problem.

Two of my coloured fonts created with AI + FS I used in Photoshop in a 300 dpi, RGB 8bit, document. Also the colour font Gilbert.
Then I changed the document to CYMK. The colours have changed, but the fonts still look sharp to me.
This is also the case when I use coloured fonts in a 300 dpi, CYMK document.

If you like, send me ( urs7000 at )your font and I’ll try it out with it too.

Greetings, Jens

Thanks for the offer Jens.

I tried to attach the font here, but it says “new users cannot upload attachments”

see private message in here.

Your suggestion to start with RGB, then convert later to CMYK with the “Flatten Image” option ticked worked great for me.

Thank you!

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