Hi :wave: Fontself community. I have a new font available, this was my first time using Fontself, really loved the extension. Please check it out, would love to hear your thoughts!

My fonts available here

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A display font inspired by monster movies and mosh pits.

Uppercase Character Set A-Z

Alternate Characters

Numerals & Simple Punctuation

Outline and Fill font included

OTF file format


Ha ha, this is awesome. Great job. Love the alts so the cracks are not the same.
Also really love the layering of the fonts.

I’m trying to do so with my new typeface but my 2 fonts are not equal in size. The regular version can be placed over the decorated bold version but can’t get them to align due to kerning and spacing. The decorated font is wider. So copying kerning and spacing does not do the job.

Sorry to post this in your post but you seem like an expert. Not my intention to get attention away from your great work.

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