New Font - Simpatico!

Hi everyone, I finally made my first font with fontself, Simpatico.

You can see the presentation on [Behance] (|simpatico),

It’s also on [myfonts!] (

Hope you like it, I’d love to hear from you!

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Great work. I love it.

I wonder if you would tell (me in private) how long has you worked on the font and how many fonts did you sell :slight_smile:

Greetings Jens.

Nice work, perfect design :+1:

Thank you so much! :slight_smile:

How to make family font in fontself? Manual ?

Hi, i’ve create a different file for every style, (light, light italic, regular, italic, semibold, semibold italic, bold, bold italic).

I’ve start to create the light version, and then i worked on it to create the regular version, and so on.
at the end i’ve create the italic version.
In the Fontself window you can go in the “info tab” and set what kind of style you’re creating.

About the manual are you asking if there’s a manual, or how to make it by hand?

I see, so you make every style with different file right? I Mean fontself not have automatic family to make different style like fontlab.

You play with offset in ilustrator? How you do that?

Yes, i’ve do that… i’ve create tracks on every glyph and after that i’ve expanded them, then i unified the shapes and worked on them to adjust the sizes.

I’ve created my own file to create a font, but if you click on the hamburger icon (top right in the Fontself Window), you can open a Font Template file, where you can see a font used by default

You must be take much time on it right? Will be amazing if fontself have automatic alternative style family. Thanks for your attention. Good luck for the font!!

yes a little bit: 5/6 months!