New Line U+000A Carriage Return U+000D

Can these be a character…?

U+000A and U+000D are control characters and, as far as I know, cannot be replaced by glyphs.

And that’s the prove:

( A ) I create glyphs for Space, CR and LF.
( B ) I named the glyphs in Layer 1 U+000A, U+000D and U+000A.
( C ) When I drag the there glyphs into Fontself Maker, you will get the noticed, that there are replaced, but you only will see the Space (U+0020).
( D ) On Mac I can use the Install-Button to install the font for testing in Adobe Illustrator. On Win you have to use SAVE and put it into the folder Windows > Font.
( E ) When I type in Illustrator a text with CR or LF the glyphs are missing.

Tip: In my font TimeSaver One I create glyphs for some keys. When I type , I will see, when in the text programm ligatures activated, the glyph for the return key.
See, download and try it:

– j.