Not a valid font file


I’ve made several fonts using fontself in Photoshop that work perfectly. However, when I attempt to add alternate glyphs to a new font I run into trouble. I can export the new font out of fontself without problem. But when I try to install it I get a window that says “The requested file is not a valid font file”. Maybe I should mention I’m running Windows 10.

I’ve searched the internet and other people have had this same problem. However, the solution presented by most is to make sure the firewall is turned to automatic. But my firewall is already set to automatic and I’m still having the same difficulties.

Fontself is a great program, very useful. But I would sure like to find a solution to this little problem. Anybody have an answer? Thanks


Hi, we’ve identified an issue when using non-Latin characters along kerning or alternates, does this apply to your case? FYI it will take us some time to solve this as it has massive implications across many parts of the app.


Thanks for looking into this for me. No, I use only Latin characters. Sounds like a complicated problem. Fontself is a great addition to Photoshop as it is and while the ability to include the alternate glyphs would be a nice feature, it really isn’t super important, at least to me. I can easily work around it.

Not only have you got a great app, your customer service is tops! Thanks


Thanks. Feel free to send the font file to so we can have a look & identify the issue.