Not all characters saved - SOLVED

I’ve created my first font! However, even though all my characters (just the numbers 0 through 9 and a decimal point) are showing up in the fontself editor, when I save the font, only the first 2 characters (the decimal point and the zero) are saved.

Any idea why or how I might correct this?


EDIT: Although only 2 characters show up when installing the font on mac, it seems all the characters are available in a document.

Hello and wellcome to this forum.
Here is my response/comments to your report.

  1. A screen shot often helps us to help you.
  2. in my experience, Apple Fontbook should be closed and restarted after every action (installation, uninstallation).
  3. if problems occur, restarting the Mac can help.
    There are several font chances under macOS. These can also be deleted specifically, for example with

Thank you for your reply!
As I said, except for it appearing incomplete in Font Book, the font is complete when I use it in a document. So I’m pretty much good to go. Thanks


Did you try a restart or PRAM-Start of you mac?
PRAM-Start: shot down, start the mac and press four keys on starting: P + R + cmd + shift