Not all characters take color

I made a font: hand drawn, image traced, simplified, and cleaned up. Mostly good results, and as far as I can tell I added all the characters the same, but a few don’t react to changing color, or adding stroke, once installed to illustrator. Most characters are fine. What did I probably do wrong?

Any chance this was exported as a color font? It can happen if some glyphs are not 100% black shapes…

See how to fix this on the article below:

Are you meaning the “Illustrator only test” version, or did you install it on your system? I’ve noticed if I’m only working with the Illustrator test, you can’t color it. If I install it like a regular font, then I can.

The method you use to install the font does not impact its ability to change colors.

It sounds like you might have a duplicate version of the font that features some “color” glyphs in your Adobe Fonts folder, while another one on your system font folder might be a regular monochromatic version. See here to find out:

Yes, it was my error. I must have changed the color selection on a couple characters from the initial scan after tracing black and white, or something like that. I simply clicked the notification about color fonts in the plugin which was prompting me to fix the problem. The software was already trying to help me before I realized the problem. Great plugin!

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