Opening Font Created in Fontself


I have created two fonts in Fontself. The first one is saved and installed in my computer via Fontbook, but the second one that I am still working on was only installed for use in Illustrator (via the “Install” button in the extension) for me to test out. I went back to make adjustments to the first font, and I was able to easily find the .otf file on my machine…but when I wanted to revert back to to working on the second font, I am unable to find it.

When I click on “Open (Only for Fonts Created with Fontself)” in the Fontself extension, I am greeted with an empty folder (not even the first font I created is in there). I then click on “Browse (Open the last font installation folder)”, and the first and second fonts are there…but I am unable to open them in Fontself.

I have even gone into the Library > Application Support > Adobe > Fonts folder…but the Fontself folder is not in there.

Please help!

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Hello Steve, welcome to this forum.

The path of “install” (only on mac) is:
/Users/~/Library/Application Support/Adobe/Fonts/Fontself

There you will find your font.

BTW: I save my .ai and my .otf-font together in one folder, so I can edit them later again. :slight_smile:

Greetings, J.

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Thank you so much…found it! After seeing your answer I realized I had to make “Library” viewable via a checkbox. It wasn’t showing up after the “/Users/~/” step…!