Option for fonts to export as CMYK

It would be good if we could have an option available to download the font you created as a CMYK. When using droplets to export your pdf for print, it doesn’t convert the RGB font to CMYK, meaning you have to manually change the colour to meet with a clients guidelines.

If an option was available, that would be great.

@Rob OpenType only supports RGB for COLR/CPAL and SVG color fonts.
https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/OpenType / This is actually not a Fontself Issue

having this same issue. What’s your solution for manually changing colors?

The only way I got around it was to outline the font – once I was happy with the placement, kerning, etc – and then colour pick from the original CMYK pallette. At least you can select 1 colour, and then [Select > Same > Fill Colour] from the drop down menu and it did all the same ones at the same time. Still a little long winded. It’d be better if they had a .ttf version you could download as well

@t8ckner Oh yeah I know, I ran in to that issue several years ago and found it out when I was having issues with an ePub file. I was hoping to find a way for users to download a .TTF version which would keep the CMYK format. There’s still a lot of print work out there and I’m a Studio Manager for a very large Advertising Agency, we send a lot of print assets so a digitally formatted font we created isn’t necessarily the best solution when we need a CMYK format.