Order of font letters


I selected a set of layers, A-Z, and dragged them into Fontself and it assigned the letters in reverse order. How can I automatically have the right letters assigned?


Hey @tonylinde,
In your PSD, just sort your alphabet from A to Z and from left to right on the same line and Fontself Maker will be able to map your layers on the right letters.


Thanks, Mohamed. I had that answer from Franz and, yes, it did work in grabbing all the correct letters, but I also had to resize my image to a maximum height of 1000px - seems Fontself was running out of memory - in order to export the font.


Yes we recommend to stay below 1000 x 1000px.
And we’re coming with a major update of Fontself Maker for PS that should improve many things too :wink:


That’s good to hear Mohamed. Look forward to trying it out.