OTF to TTF wont work in Photoshop

I have been trying to get a ttf file from the Fontself OTF-produced file. The OTF file works in Photoshop perfectly.

When I convert, through any of the converters that you have suggested… and others… the converters either say the otf file is “corrupted” or downloads a ttf file but can’t use it in Photoshop.

Both Photoshop and Fontself are the latest updates.

I have made sooo many otf files with Fontself today and am at my limits. I have tried many things… just with the alphabet and none of the special marks with no luck either.

My main file is 52,000kb but have also got it down below the required 15kb

I need to get a ttf for a program and I can’t get it to work… any help would be appreciated.

I have tried Transfonter, Squirell, CloudConvert, convertio… to name a few I have tried.

I found Convertio did the job… Maybe only one a day as after that it wouldn’t work. I tried this morning and it worked straight away again. Did a great job.