Photoshop alternates issue


Hey guys,
I’ve created a font in Photoshop, exported it and all seems to be working as expected, other than accessing alternate glyphs through the glyphs panel. Seem to have 2 issues:

  1. When I click on ‘access all alternates’ the order of the letters is all over the place. They do not appear in alphabetical order and some uppercase glyphs appear before the lowercase glyphs and some appear after the lowercase glyphs.

  2. ‘Alternates for current selection’ does not show up any alternates at all (even though they are all there and can be viewed by clicking on ‘entire font’ or ‘access all alternates’.

Not sure if that’s a Photoshop thing or what but just thought it should be highlighted.



Hey, regarding the glyphs order, can you check whether you can sort them properly by switching in the top right menu?


And yes, the alternates selection seems to be a Photoshop bug and you can upvote our request to fix it here:


Hey Franz,

Cheers for that. Just tried it there but nothing changes when I switch between sort by Unicode or sort by GID/CID unfortunately.

Thanks for the link, just upvoted that bug :slight_smile:


Ok please send the font file to so we can have a look ourselves at the issue. Thanks


No problem Franz, will get that over to you shortly (via we transfer or dropbox).
Cheers :slight_smile: