PHOTOSHOP help - how to simplify path


I’m converting graphics to be made into a new font, using photoshop. So I’ve converted the layers to shapes (because I for sure don’t want bitmap fonts) and it tells me the paths need to be simplified, but there aren’t any instructions for a way to do this in photoshop.

Does anyone have the answer?


Don’t use photoshop for vectors, use illustrator as its the right tool for the right job. In illustrator you can reduce the points while you trace, plus you can then simplify them more with Choose Object > Path > Simplify.


Yes, I understand that. but I do not own illustrator, or need it for any other purpose than to make these fonts once in a blue moon.

I wish there were another way around this.


In Photoshop, when you change the selection to a working path, there is a tolerance value that you can change. The higher the number the less points will be created.

Obviously the less points the less detail, but it might look terrible. I would test this with multiple values until you find the sweet spot.