Please, Help me with some doubts about the Fontself Template size in Photoshop

Hello, I have bought Fontself long time ago, but have started to use your awesome and very useful and lovely Fontself 3.5.4 (with Photoshop CC 2021 with Macos Catalina) now and I am using the Font Template that is in the Fontself panel menu

I have already created some test fonts to see how Fontself works and please I have some questions

QUESTION 1 - CAN YOU RESIZE THE TEMPLATE ? do you must to follow EXACTLY the size of the square grids that there are in the font template?

QUESTION 1.2 - Are you allowed to resize it and make a square grid instead of a rectangular one?

QUESTION 1.3 - The Rectangle available for each letter is 575 x 715 pixels, so is this the most recommended size? Could it be slightly bigger? Because it is told that I should use less than 1000 pixels either tall or width, is this only a reference and could be expanded?

Because they are rectangles and I want to make a full square font, and if I want to fill all the space available is not possible. So I wonder if the Photoshop template is just a possible reference and it could be modified slightly or this is strict and you can NOT modify the grid of the template and must put all the letters inside the marked spaces?

QUESTION 2 VERTICAL FONT SIZE - Also I want to make a tall font that may have 450 x 900 pixels and I wonder if this could be a problem to make and I want to know if this is possible to make as the rectangles are only 715 height

QUESTION 3 - VARIABLE WIDTH All the rectangle grid in the template has obviously the same width, but I wonder if it could be possible to have some letters wider than others and go beyond the regular size of the other letters, I mean for example the M and W or other

Thanks very much for your possible answers and surely wish you all the best and that you can help to many people that want to buy your awesome and very easy to use tool.

to all your questions yes you can have.
important are the guidelines and the right name of them.