Please, more characters to name a font

Hello again,
I like fontself more and more, but why is the naming of a font so limited?
today: just 20 characters, starting with a capital letter, …

My wish:
at least 40 characters for a name, because 20 are sometimes to short
small letters and numbers for the first charater i.e. ‘myFont’, ‘1stFont’ …

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These limitations are not set by Fontself. They are hard limits in the ID name tables and have to include style names like regular or Italic. Also MS Office apps can only display a certain amount of characters (31 I believe). Your wish of 40 characters is therefore not possible and not something Fontself can solve.

in the very old adobe document in section 3.1 you can find, that mac fonts can have up to 28 characters, which is more than the 20 in Fontself today. And I can find any limits about small character or number as the first character of a fontname.

Font names include both the family and style name, that’s why the sum of both is currently limited.

ok, thanks for this information.