Plugin won't allow a distressed/stamp effect?

I’ve run into a problem with my newest font. I want to add a kind of distressed or ink stamp effect to my font but my problem is that it creates too many points, which is more than the 1000 the plugin suggests, so the plugin won’t allow it to be added. I’ve tried simplifying the points but it doesn’t get rid of enough points. Do you have any suggestions? Or is this the kind of effect that’s just too advanced for this plugin? :cry:

I am using this effect from Spoon Graphics:

I’ve included the R of my font to show you the kind of effect I want:

You could rasterize the font and make it picture font. I have done this for several fonts and it has worked very well. That would remove the vector points issue and still maintain the effect.

But rasterizing it wouldn’t make it scalable, would it?

You can scale it as much as the resolution you chose allows without jaggies, etc. These are scaled to these point sizes in the Standard Adobe Interfaces. We use ours in Photoshop and Illustrator files! and not only scale but skew and distort for perspective. The font is like 30MB’s due to the high resolution I chose to allow for larger use. This was my very first picture font, I call It “Neon Letters”. I only use it internally due to Copyright reasons. These don’t have the same effect as your art but you can see how the font carries the shading and all other artistic intent quite well, so yours should actually be even easier. It looks equally good on light and dark backgrounds.

Oh man, I see why you’d need to do it that way. Luckily, I managed to clean up enough points so Fontself accepted it. It ended up 4,4 mb. I hope that’ll work out. Thanks so much for clarifying!

Hey, just adding a note that you should try the Path > Simplify updates on AI or - for even better results, try Astute’s plugins:

The Path -> Simplify was exactly what I ended up doing. :smiley: I even checked out those plugins you’re linking to and at some point I’m definitely going to by them. They look like they’d make life so much easier! Thanks so much for your reply!

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