Problem with Colorfont

Hello everyone,
I encounter a problem with the Colorfont format under Windows 10 while everything works under MacOS. Is this a defect in preparing my font or Fontself can’t make Colorfont for Windows? Thank you for your feedback
Screenshot of the font in MacOs and Windows :face_with_raised_eyebrow:

I only use MacOS and I get some preview/display issues as well.
However the font seems to behave/work correctly when used in illustrator or photoshop.
Did you try it? Did you get the same result in illustrator/photoshop?
Is your Windows up to date?

In my case I thought it was because I push the limits:
a ton of combinations of gradients, using transparency, and often layered on top of each other. But your font seems quite light and est to manage.
But once again it seems to be ok when I use it.