Problems with alternate glyphs


I am very disappointed with the application. There are big bugs regarding alternate glyphs. When I import new alternate glyphs, Fontself changes the order of the alternate glyphs! The new ones become alt1, alt2, alt3, etc., and the oldest ones are shifted after: alt10, alt11, alt12, etc.

Additionally, you can’t even manually rename alternate glyphs.

This is why it is impossible for me to design a font with this program. This is extremely disappointing.

EDIT: I currently have 2240 glyphs including 2022 alternate glyphs. So this shouldn’t be a problem, right?

Hey, alternate names are only changed if you delete some in the previous order, and that’s not something that will change to ensure the feature works fine for most users.

The max number of alternates won’t be increased either.

In another case, you could also have a look at Smart Create to assign alternates in a specific order:


you could also indicate that the limit of alternate glyphs is not 2303 but 2008! Because if you add alternate glyphs beyond this limit, then they take the place of the old alternate glyphs, as I indicated in my previous message. Which makes any work impossible.

EDIT : From now on, even if I delete alternate glyphs (I went down to 1900), if I import new ones, they take the place of the old ones.

In short, it no longer works.

Can you tell me how to uninstall Fontself from Illustrator?