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I’m a new user of Fontself, I’m trying to convert my letterforms to font which are using some simple but specific radial gradients (like “Aspect Ratio” different than 100%) and Fontself can’t interpret them correctly, so for a few days now I’ve been trying to find ways to adapt my letterforms to font (It’s often a “quick and dirty fix” modus, well no … not so really quick actually).

  • Sometimes I got error messages (often easy to fix),
  • Sometimes I got really strange results, depending on the opacities/colors, overlays and other mysterious details that I try to find, the shapes/paths are filled with black.
    (I don’t use Blending Mode effects).
  • And the worst is (but it is rarely) Fontself freezes on the “Processing” process … (the processing loading circle spins forever) on not so complicated shapes.
    I can still continue to use illustrator, but not Fontself. To do so, I have to quit Illustrator, to kill the process.

Any Ideas? Tips?
Is there a way to stop the process inside Fontself? (without to quit Illustrator, and save all the files etc… each time that bug happens).


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I have no advice, but I have the exact same problem.

Hello! I couldn’t solve the problem, but I know a way to bypass it (get back to the moment where you press import). When you encounter importing text that takes you nowhere, you can press the 3 lines on the top right, then click check updates. It will open an update window and get you back to the font menu.
Have a good day!

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Thank you for the tip :raised_hands:t3::sparkles:

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