Protecting a font?

Hello again.

It is possible to use Fontself Maker to open a font that was created with it. If I want to sell one of my fonts, I do not want it to be opened with Fontself. For black fonts, I can change the font to .ttf (and back again), then you cannot open it.

But how can I do that with a color font? Is there another file format to transform back and forth or another trick to protect a font from opening?

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There is currently no solution to prevent any font file from being editable by any font editor, even TTF files.

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Regarding the tip from @urs7000 for “protecting” font files. I renamed the font extensions to .ttf, then reverting it back again to .otf and it had no effect whatsoever. I could still open it in Fontself.

Maybe it’s a MacOS thing?

Thanks for your message. I will check it tomorrow.