Protecting a font?

Hello again.

It is possible to use Fontself Maker to open a font that was created with it. If I want to sell one of my fonts, I do not want it to be opened with Fontself. For black fonts, I can change the font to .ttf (and back again), then you cannot open it.

But how can I do that with a color font? Is there another file format to transform back and forth or another trick to protect a font from opening?

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There is currently no solution to prevent any font file from being editable by any font editor, even TTF files.

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Regarding the tip from @urs7000 for “protecting” font files. I renamed the font extensions to .ttf, then reverting it back again to .otf and it had no effect whatsoever. I could still open it in Fontself.

Maybe it’s a MacOS thing?

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Thanks for your message. I will check it tomorrow.

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@franz Speaking of protection, is there a way to protect (at least give a warning when embedding) the demo font?

For example, when saving “Birds of Paradise” demo font on AI there is a warning like this…

I’ve found a useful information, but haven’t found a way to change the fsType values. I also found this, but the extension file won’t run (just blink and disappear).


Maybe some of you have experience with this? Please advice…

you can try to use fontforge, see, its free

more infos about tstype can you fiind here:

Hello @urs7000, tq for the suggestion :slight_smile:
I try and test it… unfortunately after installing it I still haven’t managed to make the font the way I want it to be #hikz

The font can still be embedded in PDF. I don’t understand which setting is wrong.