Questions of a Beginner


To get started I would like to know how to make a single letter (a glyph). For what would seem like a simple example, how do I take one of the font set’s I have and change a ‘O’ to a ‘Q’ – then Save that one change and be able to use it in my writing. – Are there any links to tutorials or videos that show how to do that?



So you’ll just need to create your shapes in Illustrator and do a drag and drop (or use the buttons too).
The shape(s) will be imported and you’ll be able to try it in the Live Preview zone.

You could check our Help page: in the “Making Fonts” area I’ll recommend you to check:

Tell me if you need anything else :wink:


Sticking with Questions of a Beginner, So you make a font, you save and activate it on your computer – but can anyone else read it the way you made it? (Because they don’t have it on their computer) — Or, how could you use your font right here, in a forum, on Safari?


Sure! No problem :wink:

So you can actually use fonts made with Fontself like any other fonts. You can install them everywhere, share them with your friends, sell them on the web…
Make sure to read this to know more about the difference between the Install and Export buttons in the extension:

For webfonts check out:

Don’t hesitate to ask questions, I’ll be happy to answer them :wink:


Not to be obnoxious , but (above) You didn’t really answer my question. I asked if other people could read these fonts that we create?

And you replied we can install them everywhere, share them with friends, and sell them on the web.

So the answer is No, people can not read fonts we create UNLESS we send them the font file and they install it.
I speculate that is the correct answer.