Quotation marks before/after



I’m wondering how to link together the quotation marks if i want to use the one before the actual qoute at the bottom of the line and the one after the qoute at the top automaticly, without typing anything differently?

I’d just get started with Fontself, I love it, it’s very handy, and I think I understand it for the most part, but that feature I couldn’t find anywhere.

Thank you!



if I understand you right, this behavior has to be setup in your layout-app.
Fontself isn’t scriptable yet - and may be not for a while to go …

Greetz Hybi


First, make sure that you have created each of these specific quotation marks, as detailed here: https://help.fontself.com/making-fonts/create-accents-symbols-punctuation

Then, you might have to switch how quotes are displayed by default in your design app (often called Smart Quotes): https://help.fontself.com/making-fonts/quotation-marks-and-apostrophe

Hope this helps.


Thank you guys,

I’m already tried these, and I’m not sure about the result.
I could set one of them as an alternate, but in this case it doesn’t go automaticly during texting, by using the same combination of buttons [shift+2 by default], or at least it can’t be displayed in the preview window [i did’nt test the completed font yet, I wanted to fix this first].

The process is clear, all the other letters and symbols found there places for the first click. I’m hungarian, so I have a bunch of additional characters to the alphabet, and since, I found out about this type of qoutes is also a hungarian thing, we use the bottom marks first and the top marks after. It’s not a deal breaker, I can make my peace with using just the top versions, but I wanted to be at least sure if it’s can’t be done.

I also tried to find a video tutorial, to see how it goes step by step, but I couldn’t.

Thank you anyway!!