Rename an alternate glyph


Is it possible to rename an alternate glyph that is already imported into FontSelf?

I created a typeface with more than 1200 alternate glyphs.

I need to add new ones, but to place them before other alternate glyphs already imported.

For this, I need to be able to rename old and new alternate glyphs.

If this is impossible, I will have to cancel a lot of my alternate glyphs, then re-import them in the desired order.

Additional hours of work for a manipulation that should not be a problem: to be able to rename an already imported glyph!

Is there a solution?

If this is not possible with FontSelf, what software do you advise me to rename glyphs?

Best regards,

Hello Grigor and welcome to this forum.

You can rename in fontself only the name but not the suffix like “.alt1”.

If you have in the old font a glyph named “a.alt” and drag a new glyph into fontself with the same name, than you will find “a.alt2” in the font.

BUT if you drag a glyph with the name “a.alt1” into fontself, than fontself will ask you: replace or new alternativ.

So you can solve your problen, if you rename the glyphs in the window layers in illustrator and than drag them (again) into fontself.

For renaming glyphs a little quicker, i wrote javascripts, which you can find in my behance account:

If you have more questions or problems, please let me know.

– j.

Hello Jens,

thank you for your message but it does not solve my problem.

It would be great if in the next version of Fontself, we could rename already imported alternate glyphs!

Best regards,

For the moment re-import glyphs with a new name is the only way. I used this way some times and it works.
– j.