Sacred North - first Fontself typeface released!

Inspired by Scandinavian history, culture and nature! What do you think? And a hugr thank you to Fontself for creating such an intuitive and easy to use plugin for Illustrator. I’d been wanting to create a font for a long time but it wasn’t until I read about Fontself that I took the jump!

I created all the characters from the template you provided with the plugin. Worked great! Check out more screenshots here:


Wonderful, very good first font. The visuals are gorgeous too, and these sample projects really help to envision it on a broad range of products. If you can make some letterpress projects, it would really shine in a physical item. :+1:

Thank you so much! I’m really curious about what exactly you mean when you say letterpress projects? :slight_smile: I want to present the font in the best possible way, that’s why I’m asking. Any examples I can take a look at?

Just meant making embossed prints (or faking them for your visuals) - for instance we worked on a cool printed in Paris to print letterpressed cards during our Kickstarter campaign as goodies. You can see the process here:

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