Slow Kerning Groups in photoshop SVG Bitmap font


Started to use the beta version (with kerning groups) in photoshop, one thing that I have noticed is that after a certain number of groups have been applied in the panel, it suddenly goes really slow.

A little thing at the bottom of the window says “Refreshing font” but it takes about 5 seconds to do so. While it’s doing that you can’t do anything.

I’ve uploaded a very boring video to show what I’m talking about

It’s making adding kerning groups, very slow and painful as I have 4 for each letter.

Many thanks


Hey @itsmesimon,
To keep performances good even with many kerning pairs/groups, I recommend you to:

  • keep the text as short as possible in the LivePreview (low left textarea)
  • restart PS if it’s running since too long


Thanks Mohamed, I removed all the text, the only thing that worked was re-starting photoshop, so for anyone with the same problem, when it gets slow, restart.