Some (1st) color fonts I work on:


some color fonts I work on:


… will post more …


Is this font available for sale and/or download. Thanks


Still “work in progress” (i have capital letters and numbers done) … so are some other color fonts i work on.

i wish to have enough time to finish all until august/september 2018 (so is the plan).

All are/will be vector color fonts.


Great! I look forward to using it


Are these available for purchase?


here are the basic characters i have made for “hearts” font … other two still in work.

will put it on some platform and post a link.


You can get:
:sparkling_heart: VALENTINE HEARTS (vector color font)
:confetti_ball: CONFETTI (vector color font) at:

use FSPromo - for discount :slight_smile:

offer ends on 26 February, 2019