Spacing & Kerning of ligatures

Hey guys & girls (all genders),

I am currently creating a font with a lot of decorative ligatures for several different letter combinations (e.g. an, ar, aq, bd, li, …). in Illustrator.

My design process so far was the following:

1. Create all letters: A-Z, a-z, diacritics, numbers, punctation, …
2. Spacing and kerning: at first smart, and then a little fine-tune for all, Ab, AB, ab, …
3. Creating ligatures: based on the letter spacing, that was already created.

Now the next step would be to import the ligatures into my font + afterwards spacing and kerning.

Is there an appropriate way / process to do the spacing & kerning for the ligatures?

Example: ligature „an“

I would like to have:

  • left side bearing from „a“
  • right side bearing from „n“
  • all kerning pairs related to „a“ (e.g. aan, ban, can, dan, ean, … )
  1. Is there a way to get that done automatically OR
  2. Do I have to read out all the values from „a“ and „n“ + type them in for the ligature „an“ manually?
  3. If I click „Smart Spacing / Kerning“ again, after I created & imported all my ligatures, will it destroy all my previous settings from Smart + my manual fine-tuning?

I would like to have Smart Spacing / Kerning where you can tick off „only ligatures“. (New feature?)

I just saw that there is the possibility to do smart spacing / kerning „only for letters that are typed in the spacing panel“ – so I would have to type approx. 150 ligature combinations into the spacing panel…

Any kind of tips / suggestions concerning the further process in my case would be very useful.

Thanks a lot in advance :slight_smile: