Specific interline spacing/kerning

Hello all,

I am trying to make the exact kerning (blue bar) as the red bar thats within the font. When I attempt to import the value of the red bar—whether points or inches it doesn’t equate tot he same spacing between the letters (blue bar) as the red.

How do I get the kerning (blue bar) the same numerical value as the red bar value?

Thank you

Just to explain better, I have a geometric font and I need the spacing between the letters to be the exact same throughout the font (measurement taken from the hight of the red bar), is this possible to do? Can I just input a global number that will make the font spacing exactly the same throughout the font?

Hey, first some lecturing :wink: The space around all glyphs is called … spacing, while kerning refers to a custom adjustment on top of the left & right spacing for a specific pair of glyphs, like AV.

In your case, you should apply a left spacing value equal to your blue bar, and the right spacing value should be a negative value equal to the distance between the bottom right of the glyph and its top right, minus the blue bar. See below:


And instead of trying to adjust this manually, go to Advanced and copy/paste values in the table:

Thank you so much for replying Franz, and thanks for the lesson…Here is what I ended up with which doesn’t look right. The in between spacing when angled at 10% is 3.452 pt instead of the red which is 3.4 pt when it is straight. So I am inputing that in the left field (it comes up as 3, the decimal value .4 doesn’t come up). Then, I measure the distance from bottom right to top right (red value of 8.851 pt minus the blue bar value of 3.452). I end up with 5.467 pt (green value) which goes on the right side, correct? (again the .467 doesn’t show up). I must be doing something wrong since the spacing is very far between the letters now as you can see.

Anybody have any solutions for this?