Stylistic sets possible?

Can I create stylistic sets as an OpenType Feature with Fontself?

Hello Adelina, welcome to this forum.
With Illustrator CC and Fontself you can create fonts and styles like this:

  1. click on NEW
  2. click on NEW STYLE
  3. select ‘bold’, … or ‘Other…’,
  4. … which can be freely named. Click on OK.
    After putting your letter in Fontself …
  5. … click on FONT INFOS
  6. give the font a name.
  7. you can see the style(s) for this font.
    Go back with HOME and save the font to your computer with SAVE.

Thank you for the quick reponse! I actually meant a stylistic font as a combination of alternates: the option is to find in Indesign under Character > OpenType > Stylistic Sets. So I was wondering whether it is possible to define only this combination of alternates that go together without setting a new font style like bold/thin etc. since I’m working with the same characters, just a different configuration.

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Hello again,

then check this page: :slight_smile:

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