Switching from Color Font to Monochrome


Hi everyone, I’m a complete beginner about creating fonts.

I’ve just realized I’ve made a big mistake creating my first font cause when I export and install it on Mac, the font doesn’t work (it shows all black filled cases in the preview of the font library). So my idea is that I’ve worked on a color font even if it wasn’t my intention, I just need a classic monochrome font.

1- is there a way to replace or convert cases without resetting the metrics ?

2 - I have the Photoshop file with all the glyphs as independent layers. Then I’ve opened this file in Illustrator where I’ve vectorized each glyph using the tracing option (black and white preset) and flattened to transparency.

In the case I’ve to start again creating the font from the beginning, I just don’t know which kind of file I should have on Illustrator to let FontSelf recognize each object as a monochrome font.

Thanks for your support


Hi. I’m beginning and know that if using cmjn you’ll have pbm.


Hey @paulienat,

To create a classic monochrome font, you just need to use black vector shapes in AI or PS.
Moreover we have a new Beta version of Fontself that lets you import the metrics (Side Bearing, kerning, ascender/descender) from a font made with Fontself to another. Tell me if you’re interested.

By the way, it would easier to contact us directly from the LiveChat inside Fontself Maker.


Thanks a lot!

My problem is that I’m not used to work with AI so I don’t know how to use black vector shapes.

I just have started from a PS file then I’ve used the tracing option on AI. Any suggestion about that?

Anyway I’ can’t find any LiveChat help from FontSelf website.