Symbol font "TimeSaverG40" for OpenOffice and LibreOffice

Since October 2021, I have been working on and off on my font project “TimeSaver”, which contains many symbols that can simply be typed as text (ligatures). From “( A : )” (written without spaces) becomes an A in a circle in the text or “( A I : )” becomes the programme icon of Adobe Illustrator.
“TimeSaver Two” has 500 letters for 40 European languages that use Latin letters. Also included are 480 keyboard symbols, 310 markers in circles with/without directional arrows and many other symbols that can be typed quickly using German and English ligatures. There are now a total of 2188 characters. For the stroke width of “TimeSaver Two”, 6 variants from 20 Lighter to 70 Bold can be selected, each available as Regular, Oblique and Italic. In addition, some non-standard punctuation marks such as the interobang or the irony mark are included.

Some time ago, I unfortunately found out that “TimeSaver Two” does not work in OpenOffice, LibreOffice and similar writing programmes, because they insist that fonts must have the fixed designations “regular”, “bold”, “italic” or “bolditalic”. Therefore, there are now two more fonts for these programmes called “TimeSaverG20” (based on 20 Lighter) and “TimeSaverG40” (based on 40 Medium) with the corresponding regular, bold, italic and bold italic variants. In both new fonts, all 2188 characters are also available. As a bonus, there is “TimeSaverG40-mono”, which is intended for writing programme code and also has markers in the circle for better documentation of source codes. I also created a PDF file (A4 landscape, 14 pages) showing all ligatures as symbols and text. With this catalogue, characters can be viewed and searched for.

Link for more information and download:

The fonts “TimeSaver Two”, “TimeSaverG20” and “TimeSaverG40” are free for private use and testing.

If further symbols (glyphs) are desired, I will gladly accept suggestions.

– j.