Teachtaire: Pixel Gaelic Typeface

First font, a pixel typeface based on Gaelic type.


Uploaded for free to Itch.io


Nice work, well done. I’m interested in Celtic knotwork and typefaces. I’m wondering why you didn’t use ascenders and descenders as I think it would improve legibility. Are you familiar with George Bain’s book Celtic Art, The Methods of Construction? It might be a good jumping off point if you decide to do another.

Thank you for the book recommendation! I’ll definitely check it out.

My problem with this project is that I was working with a 16 x16 pixel grid, so I was trying to fit the letters into a constrained space. It was a bit of a challenge, especially trying to get the Welsh ligatures in there.

Essentially, I was thinking about how to make the typeface work with such limitations. I would love to revisit it with some more knowledge in my brain.