Troubles in inserting special characters


Hi! When I insert special characters, like è, à, Ù, Œ, etc., I need to insert in the square below which character is to create correctly the font and assign every character to the right unicode position and interpretation… I use to copy and paste the character into the square because I don’t remember every short-cuts… but usually Illustrator breaks down and I must restart it losing last operations in Fontself… do you know how ca I do?


While you currently have to manually enter each glyph (there is no character table within AI or Fontself to easily pick them), you can alternatively name all your AI shapes from the Layers panel before Batch importing them.

This will automatically assign the same name to each glyph: see the Smart Batch feature on

As for the AI crashes, it’s safe to save intermediary backups of your fonts after doing lengthy edits. The automated recovery font files can not yet be saved upon AI crashes, so you could simply re-Open the last backup font to be sure to retrieve the font in a specific state.