TTF Convertion Issue

I have to convert the OTF color font I created with fontself into TTF format. I’ve used a lot of tools such as Convertio and font squirrel etc. and all fonts I convert are changing to black and white, which is weird because it was working fine before. Could You guys help me to find the solution of how to solve that problem and convert color font to TTF, please?


Do you mind working with the command line?

The colored images for each glyphs are in fact SVG files. There are stored kind of as a attachment to the font-file. It’s a ‘bonus’ feature that tends to be lost on conversion.

You could extract all these svg using a commad line tool, convert the OTF file to TTF using Convertio or FontSquirrel and then import the SVG files back in.

The tools I mention are available from

You can use fonts2svg to extract the SVGs and addsvg to add them back to the converted font.

I will try, Thank You