Umlaut not working

I created umlauts for my typeface (etc) which are showing when I type alt+U, but when I follow with the appropriate letter the umlaut disappears and I’m just left with the letter (u instead of ü)

Accents for é work ok.

Any idea what is wrong?


Hello deaks, welcome to the forum.

do you have some more information?

  • mac or windows?
  • illustrator or photoshop?

a screenshot of fontself with your font will help as well to understand the problem

greetings, jens

Hey Jens,
Thanks for the reply.
I’m on a mac with indesign.
The regular accent works, the alternate accent and umlaut do not. They preview but when the appropriate letter is typed, the default typeface appears, or just the regular glyph in Ai.
Please see screenshot with preview

I look forward to your reponse.
I am loving Fontself.
Thanks, Nick

Hello Nick,
sorry for the delay. I was working in my book about font-design with font-self.

Drema ¨ and accents like ´ ` work like ligatures. You habe to create both parts of the letter and the combination of it: the u, the ¨ and the ü.
I create a little example: Mini-Font-1 hast only the parts, but no combination.
Mini-Font-2 has the combination ä ë ï ü ö and ony then you can type ¨+ u to get ü

see screenshot and zip-file.

good luck, jens (1.6 MB)

Hey Jens

Ok I understand.
I thought this was not the case as I did not have to do this with the acute accent ´
Is there a reason this is different?


In my tests, it didn’t matter if I used an accent or a drema. It behaves, as I wrote it, like a ligature and only works if both parts and the composite character are included in the character set.