Unable to create Emoji Flag ligature


I’m creating a set of emojis, and I’m having difficulty with the flags. (FYI: With emojis, each flag is a ligature of two “REGIONAL INDICATOR SYMBOL LETTER.” Unlike other emoji ligatures, flags don’t use a Zero Width Joiner [U+200D].)

I do have glyphs assigned to the regional indicators that I need, both for 🇺 [the U indicator, codepoint U+1F1FA] and for 🇸 [the S indicator, codepoint U+1F1F8], but when I paste the pair of characters in for assigning the actual flag glyph, FontSelf returns an error that I’m missing the glyphs for three characters that the dialog font can’t display.

Being unable to copy/paste from the error dialog, I’m at a loss for how to approach solving this (while I appreciate the plain-language approach, perhaps these errors could have a more info dropdown that gives unicode info?).

Is there a way to enter strings of unicode hex values to name a ligature?


The feature is currently not supported by Fontself. Part of our long todo list - just don’t expect it anytime soon…


Do you know of a workaround?


This is the error that I see. Any idea why it’s asking for three character glyphs? I considered if the OS or some text interpreter was inserting a zero-width non-joiner or another strange character, but I have exhausted my means to investigate.


Seems to me like it’s expecting there to be regional indicator characters (U+1F1E6 through U+1F1FF), specifically for U and S in this case at U+1F1FA and U+1F1F8 respectively. I’d try starting out by making those first (they’re generally blue boxes with white letters) and seeing what happens.


I do have the U and S regional indicators made already. The problem is with the mysterious third character that Fontself is asking me to make.


Wasn’t paying close attention to the OP. Sorry.